About Us

We aren’t your regular solar company. Commercial PPA’s and large scale commercial projects are our bread and butter. It is only focus. We choose to solely focus on helping businesses save money on the electricity bills.

I can detail over 30 years of combined solar energy experience. Plus, comprehensive expertise in the Electronics, Computing, Engineering, Energy and Renewal Energy Industries.

But it’s our customer service and intimate personal dealings you can count on. We’re not focused on thousands of residential customers or cross prompting products and revenue raising add-ons. You are our number one priority. We guarantee you’ll deal with the same people from the start of the project to the system is installed and saving you money.

Commercial PPA Providers
In Australia

We are proud to display our success in the commercial PPA space in Australia. With over 115,000 solar panels installed experience. PPA Direct is well placed to handle any commercial project.

Cost Effective Energy

We launched PPA Direct to offer commercial, government and utility clients Solar Power Purchase Agreements. Now even more companies across Australia can take advantage of this incredible cost-effective incentive.

Our Company Mission

Our unique model means you can purchase clean energy from your Solar installation without paying for its design and installation. Our mission is to become part of the future success of your business by supplying affordable, green energy at a reduced rate.

Our Credentials

What our clients say

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Size & Specs:

Howlong Golf Club
Howlong, New South Wales

100Kw Solar System
320 Solar Panels Installed
155,000 Kwh's Prduced Annually

'This unique solar system is slashing our energy bills'

Club Manager: Chris Rebbechi

‘This solar system will not only provide great savings on
our electricity bill, it also provides great shade for our
golfers and their general enjoyment of the club.

The weekend Rotary Market loves the shade for their stalls.

PPA Direct devised an innovative solar solution that was
instantly operational, without any capital outlay from the

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Size & Specs:

Wodonga Bowls Club
Wodonga, Victoria

30kw customised solar system
120 solar panels installed
48,000 kWh's Produced Annually

'This system will ensure significant long term savings'

Board Member: David Broad

‘Wodonga Bowls Club saw the PPA Direct solar solution
as a great option to save the club money, without any
capital outlay.’

They have expertly managed every aspect of the process,
from initial analysis to switching the system on,
with minimal interruption to my business and property.

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Size & Specs:

Caltex Service Station
Hammond Avenue, Wagga Wagga

40 kw solar system with 160 solar panels. Approximately
64,000 kWh produced per year. 30% of electricity bills
hedged at pre-agreed rates for 20 years.

'As soon as the system was installed I started saving'

Owner / Manager: Nathan Moffat

‘The smartest decision I’ve made for the
future of my business was to get PPA Direct
to analyse my energy costs and provide me
with an integrated solar system that produces
clean energy and cheap power.’
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Size & Specs:

BP Service Station
Elmore, Victoria

25kw customised solar system
100 solar panels installed
38,750 kWh's Produced Annually

'As soon as the system was installed I started saving'

Proprieter: Rob Mitchell

‘This solar system will significantly cut my energy bills
and put more money back into my pocket for the
next 30 years.’

The solar panels installed on the station roof do not
impact the BP branding or building design, since they
are invisible from ground level.